The Heidelberg Handlebar #7 (Fake Mustache) is possibly the TRUE main Antagonist of the book, as both of the other Antagonists are bound to it's fate, Fako Mustacho and the European Assassin. It is killed when Lenny Flem, Jr. bites it in half and swallows half of it.

Fake Mustache

The Mustache.


Created by Hank Heidleberg, made from the hair of an infamous European assassin, the Heidleberg Handle Bar Number Seven is the ultimate fake mustache. Not only is it beautiful, but it can even persuade whole countries to make criminals their president with its beauty.

When Casper Bengue buys the 'stache with his friend Lenny's money, he is estatic. But a mustachioed man comes around and robs banks with brainwashed minions. It doesn't take Lenny long to put two-and-two together. With the help of the mustache, Casper becomes a famous politician and runs to become president. But the original owner of the mustache, the European criminal, wants his mustache back. And he has a gun. At hte lection, he fires the gun at Casper. But Lenny saves the day with a strectchy hand! It barely catches the bullet before it can kill Casper but still hit him in the mustache, knocking it off his face.